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you and me

You’re here on my website for a reason.

You have things to accomplish: you’ve got a goal and you know communication can help you achieve it. You just aren’t sure where and how yet.

You have a great idea/product/service/project [circle one or more]: you want to make it stronger and tell the right people about it.

You have a terrific team and want to keep them effective and engaged: everyone needs some coaching, skills development and hands-on help; facilitate that and you’ll get far more back than you imagined.

You care about communication: you believe we’re not all born communicators just because we can talk and write. That’s why you rely on other people to help you tell your story the best way you can.

I’m here to help you figure out what to do next.

I’ll listen before I speak: Listening is about hearing what’s said, and not said. It’s about words, signs and signals. And it’s about asking a lot of questions. It bugs me when people say they listen and they don’t.

I’ll coach you to independence: It’s my goal to transfer knowledge and take you to a place where you no longer need me. I also enjoy helping clients see challenges from a different perspective. When we can do that, we achieve a lot more.

I’ll solve problems: Whether it’s with clients at the boardroom table, or after work over a glass of wine, let’s talk things out, understand the problem and find a solution that works for everyone involved.

I’ll be authentic: I have a finely-tuned B.S. filter. Credible and true are tenets to the way I roll. And I work best with those who feel the same.

My small group of much-loved, repeat clients keeps me busy. But I love hearing about new projects and there’s always opportunity to move things around in my calendar. Please drop me a line or give me a call to start the conversation. My contact information is in the footer below.

rebecca johnston