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our name and logo

puzzlewood communication name and logo


I’m often asked how I came up with Puzzlewood’s name and logo. Here’s the deal: I named my business after a place I know and love. But the name has grown into so much more. I’ve found buried meaning in the word; deeper roots that connect Puzzlewood the place with the work I do .

  • A name and a place with a personal connection: Puzzlewood represents a connection between my life and my work. It’s a real place that connects me to where I’m from.
  • Somewhere rooted in history, progress and beauty: Puzzlewood is on the site of a Roman iron ore mine. In the nineteenth century, it became a place of recreation and that’s what it is today. I love Puzzlewood for its maze of pathways through trees and rock formations, and for its reminders of the area’s mining past.
  • A place of buried treasure: in Victorian times, people found urns of Roman gold coins buried at Puzzlewood.
  • A place of inspiration: it’s said Puzzlewood inspired Tolkien’s Middle Earth and J.K. Rowling’s Forbidden Forest.


You’ll notice the acorn in our logo. We like acorns because they represent patience, perseverance and a commitment to hard work. We can relate.

rebecca johnston